Economic Reporter Newsletter


July 2020: Q3 -- Mesa continues to attract economic development projects and responds to small business needs

April 2020: Q2 -- Mesa CARES: Local and State Resources to Help Your Business

January 2020: Q1 --2019: What a year for economic development in Mesa!



October 2019: Q4 -- Maximizing Mesa's strengths through strategic vision, high standards, and quality economic development

July 2019: Q3 -- Mesa welcomes the rise of Class A office

April 2019: Q2 -- Economic growth and Opportunity Zones driving new industrial development in Mesa

January 2019: Q1 -- City of Mesa "Opportunity Zones" provides tax benefits for investors


October 2018: Q4 -- The Rise of Downtown Mesa's Innovation District - A New Urban Model

July 2018: Q3 -- Strong success encourage future growth and activity in Mesa

April 2018: Q2 -- Spring is a good time to refresh Mesa's economic development brand

January 2018: Q1 -- Mesa, AZ: a growing hub for advanced manufacturing


October 2017: Q4 -- Mesa Office of Economic Development receives international accreditation

July 2017: Q3 -- Recent economic development successes inspire future planning efforts

April 2017: Q2 -- City of Mesa fosters small businesses' large impact on the economy

January 2017: Q1 -- Mesa is well positioned to attract and grow medical device companies


October 2016: Q4 -- Mesa: a strategic player in aerospace and defense

July 2016: Q3 -- Economic growth driving new speculative development activity in Mesa

April 2016: Q2 -- An interview with on of Mesa's newest tech companies: Socious

January 2016: Q1 -- Advancing Economic Competitiveness


October 2015: Q4 -- City of Mesa launches new brand for Falcon Field area

July 2015: Q3 -- Redevelopment Renaissance in Mesa’s Fiesta District

April 2015: Q2 -- Adaptive Reuse: Revitalizing Mesa’s Urban Core

January 2015: Q1 -- Making Mesa a premier sports tourism destination


October 2014: Q4 -- Creating a strategic vision for Mesa economic activity areas

July 2014: Q3 -- Elliot Road Technology Corridor offers companies “the complete package”

April 2014: Q2 -- Spring Training in Mesa: Cubs break attendance records and renovations begin to welcome Oakland A’s

January 2014: Q1 -- Mesa’s economic development accomplishments receive international accolades


October 2013: Q4 -- Mesa’s growing aerospace and aviation industry

July 2013: Q3 -- Mesa Gateway Area: a premier business destination

April 2013: Q2 -- Baseball provides backdrop for business development

January 2013: Q1 -- Progress happens because of the people on the team


October 2012: Q4 -- City of Mesa hosted a successful higher education event

July 2012: Q3 -- New Downtown developments increase activation

April 2012: Q2 -- Recruiting higher education to Mesa: thoughtful and deliberate

January 2012: Q1 -- Robert Brinton made his mark in more places than Mesa


October 2011: Q4 -- Companies reach new heights in Mesa

July 2011: Q3 -- Propelling economic development Downtown

April 2011: Q2 -- Success results from quality planning and preparation

January 2011: Q1 -- 2011: Collaboration Will Lead to Change


October 2010: Q4 -- Leveraging Grants, Building Solid Foundations, Creating Jobs

July 2010: Q3 -- Retaining Talent in Mesa

April 2010: Q2 -- Improving Arizona’s Competitive Position Helps Mesa

January 2010: Q1 -- Happy New Year


October 2009: Q4 -- Recruiting Companies

July 2009: Q3 -- Business Incubators

April 2009: Q2 -- Getting More For Your Money

January 2009: Q1 -- Holistic Economic Development