Mesa Asian District

Welcome to Mesa's Asian District! 

Mesa, Arizona is a diverse community with a proud history of welcoming people of different cultures, ethnicities, religions, and regions of the world. As a result, West Mesa has developed a unique cluster of businesses, residents, amenities, and services that are Asian and/or Asian-influenced. This unique and organically grown asset is one the City of Mesa is excited to promote and invite others to experience and enjoy.

More than 70 Asian-related businesses are located in three main areas near Dobson Road in West Mesa. The main core of Asian businesses is at the intersection of Dobson Road and Main Street, around Mekong Plaza. Another significant hub of Asian businesses is clustered at Dobson Road and Southern Avenue, near Mesa Community College and Banner Desert Medical Center. A third, smaller hub exists in the Three Fountains Plaza on South Longmore Road, between Mesa Community College and Fiesta Mall.

The City of Mesa is currently engaged in an effort to visit with area stakeholders and conduct further research of potential marketing and branding opportunities for the area.