Falcon Tech Center

A Smart Location for Med-Tech Companies

Mesa’s Falcon Tech Center is positioned to be the premier location in the Southwest for emerging and established medical technology companies. The new 63-acre site provides a rare opportunity for tech companies and developers to get in on the ground floor to shape the development of this unique technology park.

FalconTechCenter Valley Map

Located within Mesa’s Falcon District, a hot spot for world-class aerospace, manufacturing, and technology, the Falcon Tech Center will offer an approximately 63-acre high-end, campus-like setting where med-tech companies will have the advantage of locating with others in their industry sector.

  • Arizona biomedical jobs are growing three times faster than the national average
  • Strong existing healthcare and bioscience cluster throughout the Phoenix-Mesa metro area
  • A prime location with convenient access to market and the Phoenix-Mesa metro labor force of more than 2 million workers
  • Arizona’s only technology park focused on the med-tech industry


  • 63+ acres of city-owned land
  • 40 year or longer lease terms available
  • Adjacent to a general aviation airport providing easy access for corporate aircraft
  • Robust infrastructure
  • Easy access to Arizona freeways 101, 202, and I-10
  • Minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
  • Uniquely designed for med-tech and biotech companies


Arizona has 263 firms focused on medical devices and equipment. The City of Mesa is home to more than 25 emerging and long-established medical device-related companies including manufacturers of imaging tools, ophthalmic instruments, ultrasound equipment, dental products/devices, and infusion pump devices.

  • Dexcom – a leader in continuous glucose monitoring for patients with diabetes
  • Ulthera, Inc. (Merz) – Aesthetics and medical dermatology technology
  • Piper Plastics – Specializes in machining and fabrication of plastic components for the medical device industry
  • PoppyPocket – Infusion pump transport and holding systems
  • Guided Therapy Systems – Manufactures ultrasound technology
  • Auer Precision – Manufactures high-precision, medical device components
  • EyeTech Digital Systems – Design and development of eye tracking technology
  • Ardent Sound – Research, development and manufacturing of diagnostic imaging products
  • Paragon Vision Sciences – Manufactures orthokeratology contact lenses
  • H&S Technical Services – Manufactures and services equipment for dialysis machines
  • Out-Front – Develops innovative wheel chairs and wheel chair components
  • The Eye Concern – Creates custom ocular prosthetics

Mesa boasts seven hospitals, three surgical centers, and 10 urgent care facilities. Unique to Mesa is Banner Health Simulation Center, a “virtual hospital’’ used to train physicians and nurses. The Banner Simulation Center, at 55,000 sq. ft., is one of the largest centers of its kind in the world and serves as the nation’s first complete-care simulation hospital. Banner works regularly with medical device design and manufacturing companies for research and testing capabilities in a simulation environment saving companies time and money, and minimizing risk.


Arizona offers:

  • Operating costs up to 40% lower than California
  • Low total payroll costs, including some of the lowest workers compensation and unemployment insurance in the country
  • No sales tax on manufacturing equipment
  • No inventory tax
  • Right-to-Work state
  • Low unionization
  • Minimal regulation


Freeways – The Falcon Tech Center has quick access to the entire Phoenix-Mesa metro area and is within a 6-hour drive from most Southern California markets.

Airports – Falcon Field Airport is the heart of the Falcon District. A general aviation airport and reliever airport for Phoenix Sky Harbor International and Phoenix-Mesa Gateway airports, it is one of the busiest general aviation airports in the country.

Additionally, the Falcon Tech Center is only a 22-minute drive to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, giving businesses commercial access to locations throughout the world. Below are flight times to major destinations from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Flight Times to Med-Tech Markets


Electric Power – Electrical power is provided by Salt River Project (SRP), one of the largest and most reliable networks in the nation. The SRP network in the Falcon District is built to handle business needs of every capacity.

Water/Wastewater – The City of Mesa provides robust water infrastructure to the Falcon Tech Center. In addition to existing water capacity in the area, the City of Mesa also enjoys a documented 100-year assured water supply due to its acquisition of a substantial portfolio of water rights.

Natural Gas – The City of Mesa is the natural gas provider for the Falcon Tech Center.

Fiber Optic Telecommunications Network – Redundant telecom fiber is in place with Cox, CenturyLink and SRP as service providers.


Mesa is the second largest city in the Phoenix MSA and has direct access to a labor pool of almost 2 million people. Currently, more than 78,000 people work in medical device related occupations in the Phoenix-Mesa metro area. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Office of Employment Statistics)


Comparative Operating Costs 
Metro Employee
Payroll &
Utilities Building
/ Lease
$5,282,581 $67,525 $938,925 $111,870 $6,400,901 100.0%
 San Diego $5,928,309 $123,036 $1,273,675 $56,800 $7,381,820 115.3%
 Los Angeles $6,105,409 $66,750 $1,805,700 $58,350
$8,036,209 125.5%
 San Francisco $6,856,031 $139,311 $2,058,550 $59,000
$9,112,891 142.4%
 St. Paul
$5,696,214 $59,354 $541,125 $107,000
$6,403,694 100.0%
 Chicago $5,795,995 $54,521 $926,900 $0*
$6,777,416 105.9%
$5,510,110 $63,485 $846,950 $52,015
$6,472,560 101.1%
 Philadelphia $5,922,082 $56,515 $955,175 $0*
$6,933,772 108.3%
 Boston $6,321,940 $137,661 $908,050 $126,000
$7,493,651 117.1%
 New York $6,767,144 $98,228 $985,725 $0*
$7,851,096 122.7%
 Project Assumptions: 50 jobs, 32,500 SF facility, $5,000,000 capital inv.
 Source: Greater Phoenix Economic Council, 2019
 *Although Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York Don't charge personal
 property tax, they do charge real property tax and corporate income tax.


  • More than 140 different technology degrees from associate to doctoral are offered at Mesa’s 14 higher education institutions.
  • Arizona State University’s Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering has more than 22,000 students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate engineering programs (Source: engineering.asu.edu/enrollment/) and is the #1 school for undergraduate enrollment in the nation. (Source: engineering.asu.edu/rankings/)
  • Arizona State University is ranked the #1 most innovative school by U.S. News & World Report for 2018. (Source: engineering.asu.edu/rankings/)
  • A.T. Still University, School of Osteopathic Medicine operates a half-million-dollar virtual anatomy lab to simulate everything from bones to blood vessels in 3D. (Source: iconnect.atsu.edu/atsu-introduces-virtual-anatomy-lab-a-first-in-any-arizona-medical-school)
  • The East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) provides training to high school and adult learners in more than 40 occupation-specific programs.EVIT offers programs in numerous technical fields such as 3D Animation, Aviation, Surgical Technology, and Precision Manufacturing. (Source: www.evit.com/about)
  • Mesa Community College (MCC) enrolls approximately 18,000 full and part-time students and offers 150 degrees and certificates, including life sciences, engineering and technology-related programs. (Source: www.mesacc.edu)