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Benedictine University - Adaptive Reuse Project

The Benedictine University at Mesa campus is part of an effort to help revitalize Downtown Mesa. Benedictine University at Mesa occupies a 65,000-square-foot building at 225 E. Main St. in Downtown Mesa. This historic building once served as Southside Hospital and the Tri City Community Service Center, and has been renovated to current architectural and technological standards.

After a joint venture with the City of Mesa to renovate the unused space and bring the area its first four-year Catholic University campus, the city and University share the honor of forging one of the best adaptive reuse collaborations in Arizona.

The City of Mesa recently received an Environmental Excellence Award of Merit from Arizona Forward for the innovative adaptive reuse project for Benedictine’s Downtown Mesa campus. The new campus underwent a $10 million renovation before opening to classes in September 2013. Throughout the project, the City of Mesa and Benedictine officials strived to maintain the historical importance of the building while also creating an environmentally-conscious and practical end product.

The renovated campus includes classrooms, nutrition and computer labs, faculty and administrative offices, a community room, chapel, cafe, and spirit store – all outfitted with automatic lighting shutoffs, recycled materials, and energy-efficient lamps.

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