Mesa's Redevelopment Areas

The mission of the Office of Economic Development is to enhance Mesa’s economy and create quality jobs. In our business attraction efforts, we must often compete with other states and even other communities within Arizona. In order to be successful in several of Mesa's more mature district, the city has established Redevelopment Areas to promote revitalization and investment in these areas.

What is a Redevelopment Area?

A Redevelopment Area (RDA) is an area of the City designated by City Council to be in need of revitalization.  The City of Mesa has four existing RDAs - the Town Center RDA (1999), the Southwest RDA (2016), the East RDA (2017), and the West RDA (2017).

Why are we doing this?

Development interest is increasing in the proposed area and it is imperative we build upon this momentum. Designating the area as an RDA will help reduce blight and spur development and adaptive re-use of vacant or underutilized structures. 

What is the criteria for designating an RDA?

A key criteria for an RDA is that it is a "Blighted Area," which means an area where a predominance of the properties experience any of the following:

  • Dominance of defective or inadequate street layout
  • Faulty lot layout in relation to size, adequacy, accessibility, or usefulness
  • Unsanitary or unsafe conditions
  • Deterioration of site or other improvements
  • Diversity of ownership (by block)
  • Tax or special assessment delinquency
  • Defective or unusual conditions of title
  • Improper or obsolete subdivision platting
  • Existence of conditions that endanger life or property by fire and other causes

What are the benefits?

Establishing an RDA is a necessary step for adding economic tools like the Government Property Lease Excise Tax (GPLET).

Additionally, an RDA makes available certain federal funds to be used to enhance neighborhoods and business districts. Activities may include renovation to buildings, new construction, and neighborhood amenities.

Will specific properties be recorded as blighted?

The City of Mesa does NOT record a property's inclusion in a RDA.

This designation is NOT intended as a reflection of specific properties in the RDA, only that the RDA exhibits a predominance of blighted conditions.

What is the process?

  • Parcel Survey / Data Gathering
  • Public Outreach
  • City Council makes formal designation
  • Begin Crafting Redevelopment Plan
  • Public Outreach
  • Planning & Zoning Board Review
  • City Council adopts Redevelopment Plan

Mesa's Four Redevelopment Areas