Southwest RDA

Southwest RDA map


September 2017

On September 11, 2017, Mesa City Council adopted the Southwest Redevelopment Area Plan.  To download a copy of the Plan, click here.  The City will begin drafting an implementation plan for further review.

July 2017

The City of Mesa has drafted the Redevelopment Plan for the Southwest RDA.  The Plan serves as the blueprint for redevelopment opportunities and aims to establish realistic strategies for revitalization projects in the area.  The City of Mesa will be taking public input on the Plan over the next month. 

The table below shows the upcoming public meetings for the adoption of the Southwest Redevelopment Plan.  The City would like to invite you to attend any one of the following public meetings regarding the adoption of the Southwest Redevelopment Plan.

SW Table 

February 2017

The City is currently drafting the Southwest Redevelopment Plan. The draft will be presented to the City of Mesa Planning and Zoning Board for review and recommendations as to its conformity with the general plan and for the development of the municipality as a whole.

We want to hear from YOU!  Please complete the 3-question survey below to help us identify the vision, challenges, and opportunities in the Southwest Redevelopment Area.

Survey is now CLOSED

November 2016

As a next step in the process, the City will begin drafting a Redevelopment Plan, which will serve as the blueprint for redevelopment activities and opportunities in the area.

To initiate this process, the City is holding a public listening session facilitated by the consultant team.  This is an opportunity for all stakeholders to attend and provide feedback and receive answers to any questions.  Your input will be critical in identifying a strong vision for the area in upcoming years.

When: Monday, November 7, 2016 from 4:00PM- 6:00PM
Where: Fiesta Police Substation – 1010 W. Grove Ave.
Format: Informal; Drop-in at your convenience

Please join us!

September 2016

The data gathering and parcel study is complete, and it has been determined that the area meets the statutory requirements to be formally declared a Redevelopment Area.  The determination of blight was based on the nine blight statutory factors listed in Arizona Statute 36-1471.  Below is a link to view the Determination of Blight Executive Summary.

Based on the information collected, on September 12, 2016, Mesa City Council unanimously adopted two resolutions: 1) a resolution creating the Southwest Redevelopment Area and 2) a resolution expanding Mesa's existing Central Business District.

Southwest RDA Determination of Blight Executive Summary
Resolution creating the Southwest Redevelopment Area
Resolution expanding the Central Business District

August 2016

The parcel study of the proposed area is complete.  The City of Mesa Office of Economic Development will be hosting an informal Open House for interested citizens who wish to learn more about the survey findings.  Meeting details are listed below.

Date:           August 16, 2016
Time:           5:00pm - 6:30pm
Location:     Fiesta District Police Substation Community Room
                    1010 W. Grove Ave, Mesa, AZ 85210

Parcel Study – May-June 2016

City representatives will be working in the area, photographing properties and observing general conditions in the area. The City representatives will not be entering onto any private properties, but will make their observations from the sidewalks fronting properties.

Owners of real property within the area of study will be notified of the date and time of the public meeting to discuss the findings.  Note: the City of Mesa does NOT record a property’s inclusion in a Redevelopment Area.