West RDA

West RDA 8-28-17
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 The Mesa West Redevelopment Plan was adopted by City Council in October 2018.



The Vision Statement describes the ideal future state for the West RDA and provides guidance to the overall development of this plan. The statement contains the key values behind the goals and strategies that drive this plan. The West RDA’s Vision Statement is as follows:

The West RDA is a unique and iconic destination attracting residents and visitors because of its safe, live-work-play environment. The area features distinguished educational and job training institutions that support a growing employment base with innovative, high-wage industries, which are accessible from across the region through three major freeway corridors and the light rail system. New, high-quality development, adaptive reuse, and the emerging Asian business core have revitalized the area into an active and vibrant community.

 Valley Metro's light rail stops in the West Redevelopment Area, just minutes from the stops at Downtown Mesa and Arizona State University.IMG_7185-lighter