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Within a 30-minute drive of Mesa, there are approximately 550,000+ professionals; 42.2% (age 25+) with an associate‚Äôs degree or higher.

Educational Attainment 
  High School Graduate Some College  Associates Degree
or Higher
 Mesa 22.87 26.36 34.24
 Phx-Mesa metro 20.47 24.09 38.33
 Arizona 20.90 24.76 36.40
 U.S. 23.58 21.03 38.20


 4-Year Graduation Rate
 Mesa 76.3%
 Arizona 75.76%
 U.S. 82.3%
 Source: Arizona Department of Education, US Department of Education, 2016


Mesa is home to an impressive array of top-rated educational institutions and collaborative partnerships that focus on producing a workforce that is not only technologically prepared, but also possesses a strong work ethic. Included are the following:


In Mesa, the focus of K-12 education is "choice."  Both public and private schools offer an array of educational options for primary and secondary students.

The K-12 education system in Mesa includes public, as well as a number of private and parochial school systems. Charter schools, magnet schools, international baccalaureate programs, numerous parochial, Montessori, and other options typify Mesa's commitment to education. 

In 2011, Mesa Public Schools and Gilbert Public Schools received a "Gold Medal" designation in the Education Quotient (EQ) Ratings, which is published annually in Expansion Management magazine. The Gold Medal is the highest award given, a distinction that only 16 percent of the school districts evaluated receive.